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Remade Vintage Clothing

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Have you ever thought about your consumer habits and how sustainable they are? Have you thought about where the clothes you buy come from? Do you know who makes the clothes you buy? And have you thought about being a more sustainable consumer?

Here at Poorboy we stock a range of  remade vintage clothes. We give vintage clothes a new lease of life and encourage more sustainable consumerism. The fast fashion industry produces 100 billion garments each year and is one of the biggest pollution industries in the world. A huge amount of clothes is discarded in landfills when the majority of those clothes can be recycled and remade. Which is exactly what we do here.

Become a more sustainable consumer, think before you buy and reduce your carbon footprint, by shopping our remade range.  Remade clothing will give you individual style and stand out from the other fast fashion consumers. Shop our remade range online or come and visit us in store. We are based down Humber Street Hull.