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The Rise of Retro Clothing, Hull

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You may have seen on social media more and more people wearing retro-style and vintage clothing. With people becoming more environmentally and ethically conscious, there are a few reasons why this style is taking over. 

Expressing Individuality 

One of the reasons why people are loving retro and vintage clothing is that it allows the wearer to express their individuality and personal style. Often, clothing is an extension of the wearer’s personality and who they are, and with self-love and self-acceptance extremely prevalent, retro clothing and branded vintage clothing are ways that they can showcase this. 

Ethical Considerations

In Hull, retro clothing is becoming more popular because of the reduced ethical impacts. It’s no secret that fast fashion is extremely damaging socially, economically, and environmentally, whether it’s the way the clothing is produced, transported or commercialised. 

Because retro clothing and vintage clothing have not been specifically produced to be sold that time and are being resold after previous use, it reduces the demand and need for these damaging conditions. 

Clothing Quality 

Fast fashion items, unlike most vintage and retro items, are not designed to last — they are designed to satisfy current trends. For example, some popular highstreet retailers are reported to produce clothing from initial concept to shop-floor in just 2-weeks. 

As many branded vintage clothes were produced many years ago and there was less demand for new trends, clothing was generally made with better quality materials and construction. This is why many of the clothes are still in excellent condition and still wearable today. 

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