vintage clothing

These days when we want to buy clothing there are millions of places we can look. So why should we shop in a vintage boutique? What makes vintage shopping so special? Whether you’re looking for sportswear, designer pieces or just a nice new outfit, we’re here to tell you why vintage is best.

Unique pieces

With vintage fashion, no two pieces are the same. Unlike high-street shops that are filled with the same design in different sizes, vintage clothing is usually a one-off. This means that when you buy vintage clothing you don’t have to worry about that awkward moment when someone is wearing the same top as you. With hand-picked vintage, you can be confident in the fact that no one else owns the same top, dress or jacket in fact it could be the only one of its kind left. Vintage clothing was often produced in much smaller quantities than the mass-produced trends of today.

Vintage clothing is also a great way to add interest to your high street buys. Combining vintage fashion with current trends can create an interesting and unique outfit. It’s the simplest way to add your own style to today’s trends.

Has a history

Whether your vintage clothing is from the 80’s, 90’s or older, one of the best things about wearing vintage fashion is that every item has its own story. From retro sportswear to vintage jumpers, all vintage clothing has had a previous owner. A lot of the time, vintage clothing can appear scuffed or warn, but this just adds to the charm as you can create your own story.

With vintage clothing, you’re wearing something that has lived its own life and has a history, which when you think about it, is quite special. This can also give sentimental value. Sometimes the best source of vintage clothing or inspiration is found digging in our relative’s wardrobes, and there is no nicer feeling than wearing something that meant a lot to someone you love.


Back in the good old days, clothes were made for quality not to be thrown away as soon as the seasons change. So, with vintage fashion you know you are getting clothing that can last a lifetime. Many vintage items can be adapted to suit different seasons and trends, in fact, it’s quite difficult for them to go out of style.

Not only this but many vintage items have become collectables. Vintage Levi’s have become a fashion must-have, but modern-day Levi’s simply don’t look the same, which is why they’re a great example of why vintage is sometimes the best option.

Also finding vintage items by designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Burberry mean that you can get designer pieces for less. With premium vintage you’re paying much less than you would at a designer store and still getting the name and the quality.


With vintage fashion, it’s often easy to find a bargain. Whether you’re looking for designer items on a budget through premium vintage or you need a stylish look for less, vintage boutiques like ours are full of great deals and affordable fashion. Many vintage boutiques will hold events like bag it’s or weigh and pays from time to time, just like we did last month, which means if you’re a savvy shopper you can get more vintage fashion for less.


When you buy vintage clothing, you are technically recycling. By investing in vintage fashions rather than high street trends you’re saving those items from the landfill site, and looking good whilst doing so. In 2016, 300 thousand tonnes of clothing were thrown away in the UK, by buying vintage you can help to prevent this wastage.

With all of these great reasons to buy vintage clothing, what are you waiting for? At Poorboy we stock a huge range of vintage clothing from premium vintage to retro sportswear. Visit our shop on ASOS Marketplace or pop into our Humber Street store and say hello.