Florals, Frills and Graphic Tees. That’s what summer 2018 is all about. We are well into spring 2018 now and as the weather hots up so have the latest vintage fashion trends. We have been on the look out to see what styles are shaping up to be big this summer.

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Florals, the staple pattern of any summer wardrobe. The answer is yes, they are back in a big way for another season and they are more beautiful than ever before. The bright bold colours mixed with psychedelic patterns create a hot summer look with minimal effort. This crazy 70s inspired style can be worn as a focal statement piece, drawing the eye instantly to the flower power. If you’re feeling brave, why not combine several floral patterns together? Layer a top and shorts in clashing patterns, then you really will be the focus of any summer BBQ. Florals for spring may not be something new to our summer wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean they need to be cliché either.

Frills, if it’s not frilly then it’s not going in our wardrobe. While some fashionistas may still be wary of this trend, it’s back in full force! Whether mixing frilly sleeved tops with flared trousers or styling a floaty, frilly summer dress, this well-known 70s fad gains momentum during a time when risky fashion choices reign. It not only flirts up any ensemble but allows you to have some fun with your summer outfits.

Graphic Tees, whilst the various logos and brands that are printed on graphic tees may change over the years, we don’t think that the popularity of the shirts themselves ever will. Since the mid-80s, this has been a total wardrobe staple. It’s a great way to add instant character to any outfit this summer. Plus it’s no wonder, given the ease and comfortability that graphic tees bring, that this trend has stuck around for so long.

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