remade vintage clothing


So, we’re 3 months in to our Topshop concession, and have a few new items we’d like to cheekily brag about 😉

We love them, and hope you do too! It’s sometimes a struggle for an independent brand like us to merge with a High Street retailer, trying to stay true to our unique roots but create on-trend affordable fashion with a Vintage twist.

Recycling is at the core of our brand, so this season was all about utilising garments that are no longer deemed ‘desirable’ and making them key pieces to any Summer look.

Shooting around the AMAZING BANKSIDE Gallery in our hometown, Hull. An otherwise inconspicuous grey industrial estate that has been transformed in to a large open-air art space with free walls for any one to work on, and permanent graffiti murals to inspire us all. It’s about time our city reflected the bright and varied people that occupy it.

We’ve included a small gallery below that will hopefully inspire you to go bright, bold and Vintage in the Summer sun (when it eventually graces us with its presence…) See more on our ASOS and Depop



Our collection consists of cropped NBA/NFL Jersey’s  sourced from the USA.

And you’ll also find a few randoms like NASCAR, Air Jordan, and your fave oldies such as Adidas, Reebok, and Nike.

We teamed them up with an 80’s style patent red Bum Bag (We have a small selection in our Boutique Store down Humber Street) and our NEW Cycle Jersey Mom Shorts, made from old Denim Levi’s 501’s!

Don’t worry… we’ve kept the legs and you’ll be seeing some products created from those soon! All the stripes we use are also Vintage… They just don’t make ’em like that no more!

We’ve turned old Sports Tee’s that have seen better days into cute feminine vests with a lace or elastic strip trim. They fit like a dream and are such a great item to sling on on a Summer’s day, or even to wear for a Work out.

What makes these even better..? No one else will have the same one as you. Any where… Like ever.

There’s a massive range of them available in Topshop St Stephens, all different brands, designs and colours.

Yep, we’re still on the REMADE LEVI’s hype… Adding RAINBOW to our arsenal of striped and reworked Denim wear.

Here’s a first look at some samples we’ve been trialling. Poppers + Trackies + Denim = Remade Heaven.

These are handmade by us and each pair unique with quite a bit of work going in to them. Available soon on our Depop in a Sample Sale!

Our Split Denim Levi’s – made from larger sizes or damaged pairs, teamed with a Vintage Crop Hockey Jersey and Levi’s denim Jacket. Model Georgia Hannard, killing it for us, as always.


Thanks for reading! Please tag us in any photos of you in our gear, or get in touch!

We’re always looking for models, artists, or collaborators of any kind!

Poorboy xo