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  Did you know Hull Fair is 724 years old and one of Europe's largest travelling Fairs?! Being a Hull born brand ourselves we thought where better to shoot our AW17 Lookbook than down good old Walton Street during the Marmite week of October when the Fair is in town! If you're from Hull, you'll be all too familiar with the heart warming sounds and smells of the Fair, sending you back to being knee height wandering round the food stalls finding the perfect grub at the best price. Maybe being reminiscent goes hand in hand with being

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Poorboy’s Sofarsounds – Vintage fashion meets acoustic music…

Friday, July 21st, 2017 Uncategorized

  On Wednesday 19th July, POORBOY BOUTIQUE was lucky enough to host the latest Sofar Sounds event! Sofar Sounds is all about creating an intimate environment where the musicians are the focus and the audience can shut up and shut off for 20 minutes a set and just enjoy. It was perfect to drown out all of the stress and background noise of life, and the 3 sets we were lucky enough to witness were full of local talent with a genuine passion for their craft.   We hauled all of our stock in to the back with the help of

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Poorboy style Hull band in the best vintage clothing

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 Uncategorized

If you're after a unique, colour coordinated, jazzy outfit that no one else has... then Vintage clothing is the way to go... And if you want all of that in Hull, then POORBOY Boutique is the first place you should shop for those priceless gems.   Bud Sugar - an eclectic and lively bunch of musicians from Hull whose vibe is all about colour and expression did just that. We decked them out in their prospective colours for their photoshoot for Browse Magazine around Humber Street, coincidentally during Paper City - G F

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