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Vintage Fashion Summer 2018

Friday, May 18th, 2018 News
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Florals, Frills and Graphic Tees. That’s what summer 2018 is all about. We are well into spring 2018 now and as the weather hots up so have the latest vintage fashion trends. We have been on the look out to see what styles are shaping up to be big this summer.     Florals, the staple pattern of any summer wardrobe. The answer is yes, they are back in a big way for another season and they are more beautiful than ever before. The bright bold colours mixed with psychedelic patterns create a hot summer look with minimal

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  Did you know Hull Fair is 724 years old and one of Europe's largest travelling Fairs?! Being a Hull born brand ourselves we thought where better to shoot our AW17 Lookbook than down good old Walton Street during the Marmite week of October when the Fair is in town! If you're from Hull, you'll be all too familiar with the heart warming sounds and smells of the Fair, sending you back to being knee height wandering round the food stalls finding the perfect grub at the best price. Maybe being reminiscent goes hand in hand with being

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