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Britain has an extensive heritage when it comes to fashion and throughout the years some of the most prestigious and exciting brands have been established in this country. From royalty to punks, jackets to sportswear British people have had a huge influence on fashion.

With so many big name brands to choose from, it’s safe to say that us Brits have style. At Poorboy we like to celebrate the history of British fashion by stocking premium vintage pieces by some of our favourite home-grown brands.


When you think of British fashion, it would be surprising if you didn’t think of Burberry. With its iconic trench coats and instantly recognisable checked print, Burberry has become one of the country’s most renowned fashion brands since its origins in the 1920’s.

A favourite amongst British celebrities like Alexa Chung and a highlight of London Fashion Week, Burberry for many means British. It has even had many iconic models front campaigns over the years including Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss mirroring its dedication to British style.

Like many premium fashion brands, Burberry is known for its high-quality designs, which is why finding a vintage Burberry item is like finding gold dust. The brand’s staple items such as their signature trench coats never go out of style and so it’s always worthwhile to invest in a quality vintage one when you find it.


Barbour’s signature wax jackets define British country style and bring a touch of elegance to practical outdoor clothing. Made in the North East of England, Barbour is still owned by the same family that founded it which adds a sentimental touch to the classic coat, plus the brand carries a royal seal of approval.

Over the years, the Barbour jacket has grown from country walking or hunting attire to streetwear worn by some of our most stylish.

Much like the Burberry trench coat, the wax Barbour jacket has remained relatively unchanged throughout the years and remains a highly desired fashion item. Therefore, why not try to find some vintage Barbour? You could look just as chic, whilst paying much less.

Fred Perry

At Poorboy, we love retro sportswear and Fred Perry are a British brand that have perfected it. As an icon of tennis, Fred Perry launched his own clothing company in the late 1940s and ever since the brand has become a part of British subculture.

Fred Perry polos are instantly recognisable and have made a transition over the years from sportswear to streetwear.  However, the Fred Perry are also known for great quality shirts and our men’s vintage range shows the best of this. Fred Perry are now one of the biggest brands for sportswear and casualwear worldwide, with their signature polo shirts a firm favourite amongst many shoppers.

One of the best things about classic British fashion brands is that they have managed to produce timeless items that never go out of style. Whilst 80s and 90s fashions are incredibly hot right now, when it comes to vintage, investing in a style staple will keep you looking chic for years to come.

At Poorboy, we stock a range of premium vintage brands which showcase the versatility and rich history of British fashion. If you fancy getting your hands on a signature item that never goes out of style, visit our shop on ASOS market place, view our brands page or pop in and see us at our Humber Street store.